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    Signed proposal/services agreement?
    Key client contact person established.
    Identify person to receive invoices. Identify person to approve invoices. Reiterate that invoices are submitted bi-weekly, payable in 15 days.
    Identify project team and other participants. Group them by process for interviews.
    E-mail and phone list of team/participants. Create distribution list.
    Legal counsel for contract review? Buyer to update during negotiations?
    Project name/logo established? Obtain official company logo for documents.
    Desk or other work area? Phone #? Long distance calls?
    - keep non-project calls to a minimum - you are not billed for that time
    - % of work to be done off-site
    Network connection? Access to printers? Location of printers and copier?
    Assign network folder (& access) established for the team (folder_structure.doc).
    Contact for establishing conference call bridge? Contact for Webex/Netmeeting?
    Conference room for demos (e.g. 20 people) – or offsite? Conference room for team meetings (e.g. 10 people)? Internet connection in conference rooms?
    Business hours? ID/Building access key? Location of bathrooms?
    Introduce yourself to client receptionist and direct phone calls to cell #.
    Get Started
    Work plan developed/reviewed. Cross check work plan against proposal for completeness of tasks, deliverables, and dates. Draft time-control for budget tracking (Timecontrol.xls).
      Establish preliminary schedule of events:
    - Kickoff (remaining dates to be scheduled at this meeting)
    - Goal-setting (options: predefined vs. exec vs. exec/team meeting)
    - Requirements Interviews (2 hours/group – min. ½-day blocks)
    - Status Updates/Meetings
    - Vendor communications & points of contact
    - Appearance of impartiality (risk you bias the team, premature vendor retreat)
    - Open communications on everything except bids & competitor’s intellectual property
    Review kickoff presentation. Assign Client to insert background section.
    Draft vendor control (RFP/Vendor_Control.xls). Gather existing vendor contacts?
    Current vendors contacts? Draft first contact letter (First_Contact.doc).
    Obtain client’s NDA. Key NDA contact at client?
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