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Purpose of Request:                        
This request is part of the ERP Software Selection project. The purpose of this request is to gather all reports that are used throughout the organization in order to provide vendors with examples of reports that 1) may need to be created in new systems, 2) reports that may need to be integrated with new systems and/or 3) report data that may need to be exported from new / current systems.
Instructions for Completing this form:                        
1 Complete the Catalog of Report tab
2 Communicate with other individuals in your functional area / departement to ensure all reports are included in your list
3 Include any reports that pertain to other processes you may be responsible for, even if not specifically noted on the [Functional Contacts] tab
4 Refer to table below for definitions / examples of the data requested on the following tab [Inventory List]
  Column Definition                    
  Rpt # (Internal Use Only) Do not complete this column.
  Function Enter functional area you work in, i.e. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Member A/R, etc.
  Process Flow Enter the process in which the report is created, i.e. applying cash, member AR refunds, AR month end, Fixed Assets purchases, etc.
  Report Name / Report Header Exact name of report and/or report header information
  Description of Report / Report Used For… Details around why, for whom, or what purpose, who uses, etc.
  Preparer Who is responsible for running and/or preparing the report
  Approved By Enter name of approver if the report requires approval before being final
  Fwd. To Enter name of individual/department that the report is forwarded to, if applicable
  Frequency of Report How often is the report created/run/prepared
  Application where Report is Produced Enter application the report is created/run/prepared, i.e. Solomon, RxClaim, RxExpress, FAS, Excel, Access, etc. ***Note, If the report is run in FAS, exported to Excel and then add'l work is done in Excel, split into 2 reports (1 run from FAS, 1 created in Excel)
  Sample Report Attached Yes/No if you included a sample of the report when returning this list
  Sample Report Type Hardcopy, Softcopy (electronic). Note: Softcopy perferred.
  If no sample report attached, Reason Enter reason a sample report could not be produced
ERP Implementation
Rpt #
(Internal Use Only)
Function Process Flow Report Name / Report Header Description of Report
Report Used For…
Preparer Approved By Fwd. To Frequency of Report Source
Sample Report Attached Sample Report Type Form Completed by Notes  
Example row Accounts Payable AP Claims AP Claims by client This report is used to track the total $ value of claims processed each week. This report is forwarded to AR to create a client-owner AR Invoice. John Doe Susie Supervisor AR Weekly Solomon-Accounts Payable module
Joe Employee Any notes you'd care to enter about this report would be entered here.  
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