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What To Do Now?

If you’ve been lucky, since 2008 your business has been relatively unscathed by the financial turmoil and resulting uncertainty.  It’s likely that most small businesses will be affectied negatively as we move ahead into 2012 and a recessionary economy with continued uncertainty.  Depending on who and what you read, this recession could last 12 – 24 […]

Selling On the Web

If your web presence includes the ability for your customers to order products and services, you should be aware of how their minds work when they are using your site.  Start by thinking about the way you shop on-line.  Have you ever heard yourself ask these questions while deciding to purchase something on-line: 1. I […]

Technology Won’t Change My Business

So thought the New York Times until 2009 rolled around.  Then, someone did some interesting math.  According to the Silicon Valley Insider, the NY Times could buy EVERY ONE of their subscribers an Amazon Kindle for 1/2 the cost of publishing the traditional newspaper for 1 year. And just think, once the Kindles are purchased, […]

Selling Your Business in a Recession

The recession has us all wondering “what do I do now?”  I’d planned on exiting my business and thought the exit was just around the corner.  Now, valuations are depressed, the banking situation isn’t allowing deals to get done, private equity firms are focusing on maintaining current portfolio holdings, and on and on. The good […]

Let Your Business Fail in 10 Easy Steps

Okay, there’s a bit of sarcasim in that title but we needed to get your attention.  No matter how big or small your company is, always keep your eye on these 10 things: Working capital – having enough working capital on hand or having easy access to working capital is critical.  The need is even […]

Too Big To Fail

For some time, I’ve been looking for a reasonable explanation as to how the “finanical crisis” came about and how some firms were labeled as “to big to fail”.  Because of our orientation towards small business, we’ve simply not dealt alot in with the types of institutions these terms apply to.  That said, we’re all […]