Growth Capital

Capital is a company’s most important strategic tool. It is a meaningful component of the long-term success of any business and must be carefully managed because of its impact on shareholder value. For small businesses, capital planning is critical because most entrepreneurs don’t have the same access to the capital markets as larger companies. That represents a significant disadvantage.

When small businesses require new capital, it is important that they utilize experienced capital raising assistance to ensure that they satisfy the need for capital with the best capital option.

  • Entrepreneurs and family owned businesses
  • Funding acquisitions
  • Funding expansion
  • Plant expansion
  • New equipment
  • New locations
  • Recapitalization
  • Shareholder buy-outs
  • Refinancing
  • Balance Sheet management

One of the most important steps in raising capital is performing an objective analysis of the company’s historical and prospective financial condition in order to make informed decisions about how much and what type of capital best satisfies the capital requirement.

Examples / Characteristics

  • Revolvers / lines of credit
  • Term debt / notes
  • Letters of credit
  • Typically secured
  • Typically carry a personal guarantee

Purpose of Funds

  • Working Capital
  • Equipment / asset purchases
  • Facilities expansion
  • Inventory
  • Receivable management
  • Growth / acquisition

Raising capital is a full time job. We believe it’s important for you to surround yourself with people you can trust and who’ve done this before. Please see our Client Successes to see how we’ve helped business owners just like you to achieve their goals they always knew their business was capable of.