• We’re unpretentious and resourceful.

    We’ve spent our entire careers working with businesses just like yours. Speed, nimbleness, adaptability are concepts you employ daily – and so do we. We’ve combined national-firm caliber services with a street-wise, roll-up-our-shirt sleeves approach to allow you the ability to execute a strategic transaction quickly and quietly.

  • We simplify the process.

    Strategic Alternatives”…Big words that affect lots of people. How you position your company for growth, merger or acquisition has a huge impact on you, your employees and their families. We understand the change involved with Strategic Alternatives and serve as a personal sounding board and advisor for you, your board, and your key employees throughout the process.

  • We allow you to focus.

    Managing growth and strategic alternatives demands attention and creativity. But you need to stay focused on running your business. CFP’s team-based solution allows you to focus on your business while expertly positioning your company for the next step in its evolution.

Bridging the Gap Between Opportunity & Capital

Counsel Funding Partners is a management consulting and investment banking firm focused on helping profitable, small to mid sized companies and their owners achieve their operational and financial objectives. We focus on business process which allows us to understand a business quickly while providing unique perspective and identifying opportunities for improvement.

While small businesses know their industries and customers very well, they sometimes lack the financial experience and expertise to position themselves for growth or sale. We bridge this gap by working with you, the business owner, to prepare for and execute strategic transactions.

As a small to mid sized company, you also face challenges – and change – unlike unlike any other business sector. Solving operational issues are central to your success. You simply can not survive if you have questions about your business software, the processes you use to sell and service your customers and the people in your organization. Counsel Funding Partners can help.

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