Our Philosophy

We envisioned a very different financial advisory services firm when Counsel Funding was formed. Different from two perspectives:

  1. Our target market is small to medium sized businesses. That’s all. We’ve grown up working in and with small to medium sized business. With our help, some have gotten bigger – much bigger. Some have become more profitable. Some have simply achieved what their entrepreneurial spirit always knew they could achieve. We understand what its taken to get your business to where its at right now. And, we help you figure out if that’s a good thing.
  2. Preparation is critical. Not preparation of a “Book” which simply restates what you already know about your business, customers and competition. But preparation based on how effectively you operate, understanding what unique business processes make customers buy from you – and those which your competition simply can not recreate. Yes, we’re talking about ways companies use to become more operationally efficient in the short term – e.g., increase revenue or decrease costs. Once we know this, presentation to the financial markets takes on a whole new meaning.


Types of Buyers

one that benefits directly from the acquisition of your company or customer base (e.g., a competitor).

typically, a “Private Equity Group” who see significant value in your company if properly capitalized.

a Private Equity Group looking to use your company as a platform or making it part of an aggregation.

Our Approach

To apply this philosophy practically, we mix management consulting services with Wall Street type investment banking to deliver a level of service not known in to small to medium sized businesses in the past. This mix is what makes us unique.